Visa Preparation for the UK


You must meet certain requirements to enter the UK, even if you do not require a visa:

  • The purpose of your trip to the UK must be plausible and comprehensible.
  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your stay in the UK.
  • You must be in a position to finance your own living and travel costs.
  • You must be prepared to leave the UK before the visa expires (e.g. have a return flight booked).
  • You must be covered by travel health insurance.
  • You must not pose a threat to security or public order.

Do students need a visa to enter the UK?

In many cases, a visa is required for entry into the UK. This can be obtained from the UK embassy. Students should allow two to three months for the application process. Visas for family members who are travelling with you should be applied for at the same time.

What types of visas are there?

Dependent on the length of your stay in the UK, there are various types of visas:

Tier 4 Student Visa:
This visa is valid for a stay – in the UK only – of more than three months. If during your time in the UK you are planning to visit another country, please say so when making your visa application so that instead of a national visa you are issued another or additional type of visa. After entering the country student should, with his visa, apply to the local ‘Ausländerbehörde’ (Aliens’ Registration Authority) for a residence permit, since the national visa is generally issued initially for three months only.

If the STUDENT has received notification of admission to university or a foundation course, he should apply for a visa for study purposes. Student visas are usually valid for three months. Within these three months, he will have to apply for an extended residence permit at the Alien Registration Office in his university town.

Within one week after arriving in the UK student must register with the ‘Einwohnermeldeamt’ (Residents’ Registration Office) in order to register his new place of residence. The student’s institute will advise him of the name and address of the competent office. In order to register with the ‘Einwohnermeldeamt’ he will require:

  • Passport / Identity card
  • Visa
  • An application to register

UK Visa Processing Path

Step 1 – Evaluation of Profile with CAS

UK Student visa is called Tier 4 Visa. If you have been admitted in University with CAS-Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies then you need a prospective student visa. UK student visa processing time is generally within 3 weeks once the application is being lodged.

What is mandatory:

  1. A confirmed place at the school, university or college where you intend to study. It is called a ‘confirmation of acceptance for studies’ (COE).
  2. Enough finance (also known as ‘maintenance or funds’) to cover your course fees and living costs in the UK.

Step 2 – Coming to Documents process

For every document you provide, you must include the original document and a photocopy.

  1. A signed copy of your completed visa application form.
  2. A valid passport.
  3. 1 passport sized colour photograph which meets the photo guidelines.
  4. Evidence of your confirmed place at the University.
  5. Any previous passports to show your previous travel history.
  6. If you send a document that is not in English, it must be accompanied by a full translation that can be verified.

Step 3 – Application of Visa 

We will assist you to apply online and we will guide you to register for the Tier 4 visa on official website of UK Government which is highly sensitive and we our Team is expert for this procedure and we make your self very relaxed for this process.

Step 4 – Visa Application Fees

There are 4 ways to pay your visa application fee.

  1. Payment at Standard Chartered Bank – You can pay your fee at some branches of the Standard Chartered Bank. The bank will issue a demand draft in favour of the ‘The British High Commission’.
  2. Demand draft from a nationalised or foreign bank – You can pay your fee by getting a demand draft issued by a nationalised or a foreign bank. Bank charges for this service will vary. The demand draft must be in favour of the ‘The British High Commission’.
  3. Payment at the visa application centre – You can pay the visa application fee at the visa application centre when you submit your visa application.
  4. Pay online – You can pay your visa application fee online using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.

Step 5 – Visit the visa application centre on the appointed date

You must book and attend an appointment at  visa application centre to submit your application and facial photograph and fingerprints.

Our prominent Visa Services

  1. Student visa
    We are highly involved in Student immigration services for the UK Education structure. We are specialized in the following student visa processes:
    • Bachelor’s study visa
    • Master’s study visa
    • Language visa
    • PhD visa or International Researcher visa

    Our Legal Team of counsellors will also help students after reaching the UK for their visa extension procedure and legal registration. We have consulted so many students from different countries for their technical visa related problems and our expertise with having fluent English language made their work of legal issues simpler.

  2. Spouse Visa or Family Reunion Visa
    we have helped our former students in terms of visiting their family or spouse visas .some of our students have got a job their job and we have helped their spouses to get visas and learn UK procedures.

Still confused?

We, at Dream Catcher Education CONSULTANCY, are happy to help you with any kind of inquiries or questions regarding Visa Preparation at our office from time to time. You can speak with us directly and ask all your queries on course selection, application procedures, fee waivers, offer acceptance, tuition fees, scholarships and internships, and life on/off-campus.

You can always call or email us. We are always here to help you.