Post-departure assistance

  • Our direction to our students, clients for visa rules, immigration rules and norms. Moreover in terms of consecutive changes in immigration rules. Therefore our counselling services will be available for our counselled former students and we advise them in such conditions of university examination or other legal procedure.
  • Our Legal Counselors will assist you to get proper accommodation such as Hostel or private Rooms.
  • We also provide legal help if students have got private houses or rooms, in this process students will get German processing documents and also house owner does not know English then our representative will guide you on how to go with the document process in German.
  • Our representativeā€˜s assistance for pickup service if needed then will be provided.
  • We assist you how to proceed to enrol yourself in University and Health insurance.
  • We provide legal assistance for the process of Visa extension documents.
  • We provide complete basic information about the destination country because our legal counsellors do live there and also India.

Still confused?

We, at Dream Catcher Education CONSULTANCY, are happy to help you with any kind of inquiries or questions regarding Post-departure assistance at our office from time to time. You can speak with us directly and ask all your queries on course selection, application procedures, fee waivers, offer acceptance, tuition fees, scholarships and internships, and life on/off-campus.

You can always call or email us. We are always here to help you.