Why study in Germany?

First of All, we think or talk about Germany then directly one name comes to our mind that is Automobile hub…. House of Big Car companies in the world. Well, that’s actually real, we can never deny it but it’s not only one point for which Germany is what we think.

Why you should choose Germany as destination to study?

DREAMCATCHER will provide full technical and ground reality through our presentation done by our Legal Counselor Mr. Amit Jadav. He as scientific researcher has presented his research base knowledge. We will illustrate what Germany is and where this country stands for in the world with its technology and contribution.

Germany is one of the world’s fastest aging societies, and its need for imported skilled talent is acute. The country already lacks more than 300000 technical workers and is experiencing a skilled labor shortage that is expected to growth of economic structure 2035. In response to these challenges, Germany in 2013 adopted a global strategy that sought to attract the world’s “smartest minds” and boost international student enrollment by more than 30 percent within seven years. International graduates are excellent candidates for skilled labor immigration. They are relatively young and already familiar with the country; they have German academic qualifications and often speak at least some German. Finally, international students directly stimulate the German economy.

More than 185 million people worldwide communicate in German.3500 German companies have subsidiaries in US and 3400 subsidiaries in India. Germany is a global leader in areas like wind, solar energy, biotechnology, and aerospace engineering. Germans are innovative: Leading the way -yesterday and today. Some German Inventions- Auto, Aspirin, x-rays, Mp3, Toothpaste, Telescope, Contact lens, Motorcycle, Jet Engine, Air Bags, Helicopter, Gummi Bear, LCD and many more

How Germany became International study destination of Global scale