University Selection

Confused about course selection and university selection?

Every course in Germany is well costumed through University research committee, Industry Research Committee and also the Government education ministry department. So choosing career-related courses are moreover very hard work for you |? Then we are here for you to present the best course selection process

Here’s how to start finding the right course for you:

Finding your goal and course ingredients keywords

We specially note down your interest and request to shape your career. We spend time to rethink about career path where it can go and where you want to see it. Promising career is always sticks with on single keywords .Your major subjects in your degree will play bigger role sometimes and we are that’s why specially known for our excellent working procedure and how we shape path of student.

Profile assessment

Our pillar of super excellence is profile assessment. We not only see your bachelor degree name and marks/CGPA but also we do check all your credentials and extra activities relevant to your professional path and educational path. We always insist our student to use every possible of your skill set in Germany, how and when.

Research extensively

After completion of university selection procedure main important task comes in the road is requirement of documents to prepare. We always make schedule of our prospective students in mannered way on the base of their profile and efficiency.We do stay more concerned than students for their application process path Once done with your selection, look at the qualifications required to pursue it. Do you have them all? If not, would you want to wait another intake until you achieve the requirements, or switch your stream – think about this thoroughly. This could be a tricky choice, but we can help here. Our experienced counselors are experts at understanding your study goals and finding the course that best matches your career aspirations.

Course prospects

Course selection, check. Now what? See what the course has to offer in terms of the career you have planned for yourself. Take the time to visit each university or college website to explore not only the subjects included in your course but also to find out the content of each module per subject, along with the duration for which it is being offered. Remember, the course duration also depends on the type of course you wish to pursue.

How do you prefer to study?

There are certain people of community in students who wish to study abroad but in research kind of courses and certain kind of community wants to study in practical base courses. We always try to make your profile which always prove your point of view to stay in your chosen view and also try to balance with both university courses selection and with students

Career opportunities and Job prospects of Courses

The main important task that comes to mind is that my chosen course will provide me the professional path. We are highly involved in the path of Job profile making procedure and we always try to provide students to take part in the Internship procedure and how this process takes place.

Still confused?

We, at Dream Catcher Education CONSULTANCY, are happy to help you with any kind of inquiries or questions regarding education visas or Jobseeker Visa at our office from time to time. You can speak with us directly and ask all your queries on course selection, application procedures, fee waivers, offer acceptance, tuition fees, scholarships and internships, and life on/off-campus.

You can always call or email us. We are always here to help you.